How Main Street businesses can help themselves

Hopefully by now, you are familiar with Business Improvement District (BID) efforts in Downtown Delta. If not, please visit this website and familiarize yourself with the proposal.

CB’s Tavern is proud to support the BID initiative. When it comes time to sign the petition, you can be absolutely certain that ours will be there.  But we are just one business on Main Street, and this project needs the support of much more than that. Here are just a few reasons why we think you should support this proposal.

It empowers the business community

Money is tight for the City. With limited resources and dwindling tax revenue, the government can’t be expected to do everything for us. The BID creates an organization that is dedicated to the business community, and creates a pool of resources that directly benefits the businesses on Main Street. This pool of resources can be used for a variety of services. Right now, the following proposed services are on the table:

  • Façade improvement
  • Street-scaping
  • Promotional events that bring people downtown

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Many BIDs in places like Durango and Grand Junction have spurred significant economic development, and attracted new businesses based on the increased vitality and vibrancy of the given community.

It’s a small investment with high return

Part of the BID process will involve an assessment fee. Each business will pay a reasonable fee based on their assessed value. The smaller your business, the less you pay. In the end, this money gets pooled together for the Board of Directors elected to manage the BID. When the money is pooled together, economies of scale can be created, where the cost for events and projects is spread out across the designated downtown district. The funds also can be leveraged for grants through government agencies and foundations, which usually require some form of matching funds for any new proposals. In many cases, a nonprofit entity like this one can turn one dollar in matching funds into three additional dollars in grant funding.

We all do better when we all do better

The saying goes, “A rising tide raises all ships.” When Downtown Delta becomes a more attractive place for shopping, tourism, and other commercial activity, all businesses prosper from the added traffic. Imagine new promotional events that inspire all businesses to set up shop on Main Street as tourists duck in and out of restaurants, coffee shops, and retail stores. Imagine our town having its very own "Taste of Delta," "Main in Motion," or similiarly themed events. Imagine live music shows that draws folks from the surrounding towns, and having those folks stay for dinner or do some shopping while they are in town. These are the types of activities and events that make Delta more attractive. But to become more attractive, we will need to make certain that we inspire people to stop, rather than drive through to Grand Junction and Montrose.

Attend one of our information sessions

If you are business owner, please plan on attending one of two of our community forums that CB’s will be hosting on August 7th – the first takes place during lunch (12-1pm), and the second takes places during dinner (6-7pm). (Don’t worry – we’ll get you out in time to watch the Broncos game.) The BID Committee will present information related to this proposal and field questions from local business owners. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP by emailing For more information on the BID proposal, go to  

Let’s make Main Street in Delta the place to be once again!