Tuesday's gone

We have been playing around with our schedule lately. We closed on Sundays for April, and we will soon be reopening on this day of week on May 4th. As we add a day back into our repertoire, we will take another one out. Effective May 6th, CB’s Tavern will be closed on Tuesdays. Business has been slow on this day in particular, and it is in our best interest to simply take this day off.

As many of you know Tuesday was our Community Tap Night. No need to worry – we will move this event to another day of the week. Ultimately, if we want to make a bigger impact, then we need to raise funds on a day when – you know – people are here. Keep a close watch on our schedule of events for future community happenings.

As always, we are open to feedback on this decision. However, based on our conversations with customers, closing on Tuesday doesn’t seem to be an unpopular decision. This isn’t set in stone, and we can revisit the decision at a later date. Until then, Tuesday’s gone with the wind.