CB's is expanding

It’s official – CB’s Tavern is expanding!

Not that this is really news for our loyal patrons – who have been listening to the sound of construction going on next door – but we are setting up shop next door where the Paper Works used to be. For the last month or so, we have been doing demo work in preparation for new construction of our -- drumroll please -- new banquet hall!

As CB’s continues to become a popular destination for special events and catering, it has become very apparent that we needed more space. As the space opened up, the CB’s crew jumped on the opportunity to expand. The goal is to create a unique space for larger groups and parties that is more intimate than the main tavern, while still accommodating our other walk-in customers. Also, this additional space will be great spill-over room for higher capacity days – such as the always busy Deltarado Days. If you have been to CB’s on Deltarado Days, you know how packed we get, so it will be nice to have some wiggle room.

Here's a "before" shot. Stay tuned for the "after."

This project will not be anything remotely close to level of work needed for the original construction (knock on wood). Most of the legwork needed to get everything ready and up to code for the building happened during that initial phase. We mostly need to pretty the place up, and give it that oh so special CB’s ambiance.

Ideally, we would like to have this space available for graduation season (people are already booking in advance). So far, we are moving along at a great pace. Stay tuned for updates and sneak peeks of this new addition.