Local Brews, Local Flavors: Palisade Brewing Company

We decided that it was high time that we paid tribute to some of our favorite local vendors. It only made sense that we started with one of our favorite local breweries: Palisade Brewing Company. We feature many of their products, and they have been a consistent and loyal vendor since CB's opened its doors.

At this current moment, this brewery has managed a "tap takeover" at CB's: Four out of our twelve beers on tap come from PBC. This wasn't by accident though; PBC continues to create a litany of delicious products, which has allowed them to grow in popularity not only at CB's but across the state as well. We thought we would take some time to showcase their brews for those in our audience who haven't tried them out yet.

Dirty Hippie

Many of you are already familiar with their keystone brew, the Dirty Hippie. Dirty Hippie is, hands down, our best selling microbrew at CB's, and sometimes it even beats out its macro competition (Bud, Coors, etc.) on its better selling days. Often served with an orange, Dirty Hippie is a dark wheat ale that defies the traditional wheat beer category. Combining chocolate and caramel malts to give it a dark color and smooth flavor, the recipe for Dirty Hippie may appear to be that of a traditional stout. Don't be fooled though: It's an extremely light beer that pleases the palates of beer snobs and microbrew virgins alike. Dirty Hippie is the perfect gateway beer for those hesitant to jump on the microbrew train. Plus, how can you not love the name?

Love birds

PBC's has dedicated their latest efforts into the creation of the Hula Hoppie. Considered to be the girlfriend of the Dirty Hippie, this sweet young lass is delicious pale ale with a lot of flavor. Many casual beer drinkers tend to stray away from pale ales because of the bitterness factor, but the Hula Hoppie -- despite its name -- is not overwhelmingly hoppy in comparison to most traditional pale ales. However, it is big on flavor, so be prepared to have your palette saturated. This tasty treat that will soon be available in cans, starting next week. We envision drinking many of these on the river (once it thaws out of course). One of the niftiest things about this beer is that is made with nothing but local Colorado ingredients, including its hops which come from Misty Mountains in Olathe.

Laid Back Blonde

Another light option from PBC with universal appeal is the Laid Back Blonde. Its pale malts and crystal hops are subtly concocted to create a light, fruitful tasting beer. To accent that fruit flavor, this is another beer that many choose to adorn with an orange as well. Its bright, golden coloring may give it the appearance of your traditional lager, but the Laid Back Blonde is anything but watered-down in flavor. Again, this is another great gateway beer to those who haven't plunged into the microbrew revolution quite yet. If you are normally a lager drinker, give the Laid Back Blonde a try; you might be pleasantly surprised.

PBC offers some more robust brews as well -- drinks for the experienced beer enthusiasts. One such brew, which is currently on tap at CB's and highly recommended, is the Cashed Out Porter. Cashed Out is a sturdy, dark beer that is ideal for the colder seasons. It has a smooth flavor that combines everything that makes the porter category a delicious one -- with overtures of chocolate and caramel. It's like an adult milkshake. Be careful while drinking this one though -- it has a high alcohol content that will sneak up on you after a couple.

Other once featured beers include the Off Belay IPA (a powerfully hoppy brew sporting a 65 IBU count), River Time Pale Ale (a not-as-hoppy option to the Off Belay), and High Desert Red (a smooth, malty red that always seems to be in high demand). There really hasn't been a PBC beer that we have tried that we didn't like. 

PBC has always been a great vendor for CB's since day one, so we carry a great deal of respect for their staff and overall operations. (In fact, we have been known to frequent their brew house quite often on our off days.) For those of you who are fans of CB's but haven't made the 40 minute trek to the PBC headquarters, you won't be disappointed. Much like CB's, PBC offers a laid back vibe with great pub food, live music, and cheerful staff. We are very fortunate to have such a great establishment in our own backyard.

Stop in and raise a pint to PBC. Cheers!