Social media for beer drinkers

Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. FourSquare.

There is no shortage of social media platforms out there. It can sometimes be overwhelming. However, how many of you are familiar with social media sites dedicated specifically to beer? If you are beer enthusiast, we strongly recommend you sign up and download "Untappd." 

Untappd is a fun way to, as the website boasts, "drink socially." Beer enthusiasts can demonstrate how diverse their palates are by checking in their various beverages of choice. You also earn the power to rate the beer (on a scale of 1-5), or see how the beer ranks worldwide in real-time.

If you are an avid user, you begin to earn badges for various fun achievements. Badge categories include dedication to specific styles of beer ("I Believe in IPA", "Lager Jack," etc.), commitment to diversity (drink 10 different beers in a row and earn "Playing the Field"), or demonstrating the true meaning of "the hair of the dog that bit you" (5 brews before noon earns the "Top of the Mornin'" badge). Climb through the ranks, and make you way from "Newbie" to "Elite" based on the number of unique beers you have checked in. (Elite entails trying 2,500 different beers! Better get started.) 

Now for the shameless self-promotion.

Untappd users can also link their FourSquare accounts so that they can check in to a specific venue as well. Be sure to check in one of the many beers that CB's Tavern has to offer. Here's how...

First, you will need both an Untappd and a FourSquare account. Be sure to log in to you Untappd account and link it with your FourSquare account. Next, stop by CB's and order a drink. If you tend to stick to domestics brews (Bud, Coors, etc.), be brave and order a microbrew. (To demonstrate, we used one of recent guest handles, Isolation Ale from Odell Brewing, below.Then, pull up your Untappd account on your smart phone, and check in the beer by clicking the bottle icon in the upper right hand corner. Click "Add Location" (step 1 below). Select "CB's Tavern" (#2). Finally, click "Confirm Your Brew" (#3). And you are done.


By doing this, you help CB's put its diverse beer selection on display. This way, when travelers are passing through, it will be easy to see that our bar might be a great pit stop to try out a plethora of brew.

Whether doing so in a bar or virtually, CB's Tavern always recommends drinking responsibly.