Putting our money where our mouth is

We haven't blogged in a while. What better way to jump start this page with the announcement of our new philanthropic ventures.


At CB's Tavern, our favorite word is "local." Everything that we do, we try to keep our business in our own backyard. We feature locally grown produce, locally butchered meat, locally brewed beers and distilled spirits, and local musicians. We have decided to take our local pride one step further. In conjunction with the Delta Area Chamber of Commerce, we will be hosting our first Community Tap Night, where 50 cents of every beer purchased goes to the Community Revitalization fund, on December 3rd from 5-7 pm. These funds will be used to help local Delta businesses and create new opportunities for development on Main Street. How often can you drink beer and support the local business community all at once?

This new venture will become a reoccurring event at CB's, so plan on seeing this event popping up in your feed again in the future. We will be hosting this event on the first and third Tuesday of every month. The goal is to feature a new organization, charity, or cause each month. We want to give back to the community that has helped us get where we are today. We recognize that our success as a business completely hinges on the health and vitality of the Delta community. If your charity or organization is interested in learning more about our Community Tap nights, feel free to contact us via email (cbstavern@hotmail.com). This could be a great way to raise money for some very worthy causes. 

Ty Gallenbeck will be performing his nationally acclaimed magic act every third Tuesday of each month.

If you need more of a reason to come out on some of these nights, we will also be featuring local magician phenom, Ty Gallenbeck, on the third Tuesday of each month. 

Stop in for a pint. Giving back to the community never tasted this sweet before. We hope to see you on December 3rd!