It is so nice to be open


Welcome to our first official post-construction/post-opening/post-chaos blog!  It is so nice to be able to provide an update that isn’t bad news.  We have been open for about 3 weeks, and many of you have already become regulars at CB’s Tavern.  First and foremost, thank you so much for your business and your support.  The response has been overwhelming, and our best advertising has been through “small town social media” (i.e. word of mouth).  If you haven’t already, tell your friends about us.

After only a few weeks, we have noticed some specific trends in our consumers’ choices.  Who would have thought that our Onion Rings would be one of the most popular food items?  The beer batter is freshly made every day, so that helps.  In fact, that is the general philosophy for ALL of our food. 

Callaways has been providing us with fresh meat at the drop of a dime, because we have definitely gone through a lot of beef lately (you carnivores, you).  Some of our other popular items: buffalo wings, Pat's pies, southwest eggrolls, and burgers (complete with Rocking W Cheese). 


We also take pride in expanding the adult beverage palates of Delta – and most of the good stuff comes from our own backyard.  Although the usual staples (Coors and Bud) are widely consumed, many of patrons have taken a fondness to Dirty Hippie (dark wheat ale from Palisade on tap), Pinstripe Ale (malty red ale from Ska on tap), Nitro Milk Stout (popular stout from Left Hand that requires an aggressive pour), and Laughing Lab (Scottish ale from Bristol in the bottle).  Also, we feature a wide selection of local flavors in our spirits –Stranahan’sColorado Gold, and Peach Street Distillery just to name a few. Garret Estates (out of Olathe) and Hardins (Hotchkiss) round out our growing wine selection (stay tuned for more wine options).

One big item that we want to make certain that everybody knows about is our official grand opening.  So… put this date in your calendar. 

I’ll wait for you to get a pen.

Ready?  Ok. 

Our official Grand Opening will take place on Friday, June 29tat 4:00 pm.

Join us for the festivities, complete with ribbon cutting and some fun surprises.


We are in the process of setting up a consistent schedule of happenings for the future as well.  Here’s what we have so far…

  • Happy Hour is 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm (Monday-Friday)
  • Ladies’ Night is 6:00 pm – closing (Monday)

On deck, we have Pool League night on Wednesdays (still in the works) and Monday Night Football Bingo (once football season starts…duh).

Also, we will have specials for specific holidays and whatnot.

For example, we ran a 15% discount of all Father’s Day tickets as a salute to all the good dads out there.

We will keep you posted on these events as they come.

Speaking of keeping you posted, CB’s Tavern is everywhere on the interwebs.

Make certain that you are dialed in on all of our media avenues…

We post regularly through these sites, so this is a helpful way to keep informed.

Or… you could just do it the old fashioned way: come on down and see for yourself!

That’s it for now.  Until then, we look forward to pouring you a cold one.  Cheers!