Why we needed bottle caps...


Not too long ago you may remember a call to arms posted on Facebook, demanding that our fellow drinkers save their highly coveted bottle caps.  Turns out that we have a lot of friends who like to drink.  Who would have guessed?  As a result, we now have a glut of really bad ass caps from a wide variety of beers.  Life is too short to drink bad beer, and we're proud that our friends agree.  Now, the great reveal of what we have been working on, just to prove all that drinking was not done in vain.  (Yeah... I laughed at the thought of drinking done in vain too.)

Basically, this is a tale of stealing other people's ideas and making it our own.  We discovered a bike store in Palisade that converted some old doors to make a counter top.  We decided to steal this idea for the bar top, so we found some old school doors from Habitat for Humanity for this project.  However, after seeing a picture on Kegworks of a guy who used bottle caps as back splash for his man cave bar, the light bulb over our collective heads lit up: Why not cover these bar tops with a bunch of caps of the beer that we enjoy so much?  Essentially, we treated these caps like tile -- put down thin set, place the caps down in some coherent order, and then grout the bad boys in place.  We'll then shellac the whole thing so that we have a smooth surface to slide a cold one down to you at the end of the bar.


So a special thank you goes out to Garrison, Devin, Mark, Fred, Trish, and everybody who came over for New Year's -- your handiwork will be on permanent display at CB's Tavern.  Cheers.

In other news, we are really rockin' and rollin' lately.  We have completed one phase of framing.  Currently, the space for the kitchen, bathrooms, and storage have been finalized.  Plumbing and electrical are going in now.  And once that is finished, it's back to drywalling, mudding, and painting.  Also, all of the HVAC venting is being installed, including a snazzy commercial hood vent for the kitchen.  It is actually starting to look like a bar now... and it's about damn time.

Pretty soon, we can turn our attention to the most exciting space -- the actual bar.  After some careful searching, we found a steal of a deal for a walk-in cooler near Fort Collins on Craigslist.  After a fun-filled road trip to pick up this sucker -- which included staying at one of the shadiest of hotels in Denver (note to self... avoid the Budget Host Inn from now on) -- we now have our keg cooling system secured.  Rather than running beer lines all over place and worry keeping them cooled and unkinked, we are going to run the taps directly through the wall of the cooler.  A rather large order to Kegworks is in our near future.  We're talking multiple 5 tap regulators, Euro and domestic couplers, shanks, tanks, and a butt load of hose.  Basically, we are building one gi-normous kegerator, capable of handling up to 10 beers on taps.  I'm getting thirsty just thinking about it.

That's about it for now.  As always, we're making progress.  We'll try to keep everybody posted on the grand opening because we expect all of you to be there.