Holy delayed opening, Batman!

Remember when there was supposed to be a new tavern that was going to open on Main Street?  Man, that seems like a long time ago.  I wonder what’s going on with that project.

I’ll tell you what’s going on!  CB’s Tavern is on the move again.  It is official – the building permits are posted and it’s time for a little Rock ‘n Roll.  Rather than sleigh bells, you’ll hear the sound of power tools at 334 Main Street during this holiday season.

Since we last updated the blog-o-sphere, we were busy making some renovations.  First, we scrapped the idea of refinishing the existing hardwood floors, because we would have to remove layers of linoleum that were installed during the Cretaceous Period (there were fossils in the tar paper).  The labor involved would have meant some extra sessions at the Cooper Family Chiropractors.  Instead, we purchased 2,000+ square feet of laminate flooring that looks nice and is durable.  The majority of the front area has been completed, sans the bar and walk-in cooler.

Also, we’ve got the ceiling looking spiffy.  We kept the original ceiling tile, because 1) it was in good shape and 2) it had the retro look we wanted.  However, the stark white coloring made us feel like we were about to be institutionalized.  (Actually, some times we have felt crazy for taking on this project, so that may be the place for us.)  The ceilings are now a stunning bronze that compliments the red brick wall and dark oak floors. 

So now the fun part FINALLY begins.  We have conquered a mountain of red tape, secured financing, and have laid the foundation for a *hopeful* opening in February.  We are asking all future patrons to knock on every visible piece of wood, cross your fingers/toes/eyes/legs/etc., and pray to whomever you consider to be your higher power that things go smoothly during construction.  We will try to keep you all updated with photos.

May your holidays be filled with family, friends, and beer!