Another brick in the wall...

Hey CB’s followers!  Long time, no blog.

For those of you walking down Main Street who have been peeking into the window for the past few weeks, you can tell that demolition has picked up speed recently.  Now that we have made the move from Denver to Delta officially, it is all hands on deck. 

As a result, the walls are 99.9% de-plastered as of today.  And, oh, what surprises we have found underneath that plaster.  On the north wall, we found the outline of what appears to be an old doorway that has been filled in with yellow brick.  We have been brainstorming on how to highlight this part of the wall.  One idea that we are toying with is installing an actual door as a “drunk test” for those who are too inebriated to find the actual bathroom. 

On the south wall, we have discovered a ton of multicolored bricks – some green, some black, some with writing on them.  It is obvious that this wall was constructed during a time when folks simply had to use what resources they have readily available.  This was recycling before it was cool.  We are trying to avoid using the wire brush excessively on these bricks to maintain their integrity. 

Next on the “to do” list…

o   Finish demo on back walls

o   Paint the ceiling tiles

o   Pull up the carpet and tiles on the floors to refinish the hardwood underneath

If you like breaking stuff, feel free to volunteer.  We typically start work every Tuesday and Thursday around 6 pm.  Bring your scrubs and be prepared to work your butt off.

We are getting closer to finishing demo so that we can actually do something constructive.  The floor plans have been almost finalized.  All that is needed is the stamp of approval from the architect, and we can get moving on the actual construction. 

Finally, from the human resources front, CB’s Tavern is now taking applications and resumes.  If you can pour drinks, serve food, and chat it up with patrons (while chewing gum simultaneously), feel free to inquire about job opportunities.