Welcome to CB's Tavern!

The word around town is spreading fast, but a little extra promotion certainly doesn't hurt.

First off, a little background about us.  CB's Tavern started with a simple mission -- create a place that is an inviting hangout.  A place where you can grab a bite to eat or a cool drink after work.  A place where you can eat wings and watch the Broncos (hopefully when they are winning).  A place where friends can converse without competing with the volume of a jukebox.  A place where we plan to provide good service for a decent price.

Sounds simple enough, right?  While the mission is easy, our vision is what will make us unique.  CB's Tavern plans to represent the community that it calls home.  Our ultimate goal is to keep all things local.  Downtown Delta is in the middle of revitalizing itself, and we're excited to be a part of this movement.  What does that mean exactly?  That means partnering with local businesses, promoting local vendors, hosting community events, and -- most importantly -- serving some of the best best beers that the Western Slope has to offer.  Bottom line:  If we want our community to take pride in our business, we have to take pride in our community first.

So where do we stand right now?  The planning process has been completed (relatively speaking).  Paperwork has been filed.  Signatures have been collected.  Local government has approved.  Financing has been established.  Equipment has been purchased.  Licenses have been officiated.  We've even made the news (check out the footage).

Now begins the grunt work.  With the Paper Works Ink moving next door, we will be converting the old shop.  What you have grown accustomed to seeing at 334 Main St. will be significantly different than what you will see in the future.  (Stay tuned for pictures as construction unfolds.)

The ideal opening day will coincide with Deltarado Days, so -- if you're local -- you already have this date marked in your calendar.  If all goes well, we look forward to serving you this summer.