Get a sneak peek of Grimm Brothers Brewing at CB's Tavern

Most breweries these days obsess about IPAs. But not Grimm Brothers Brewhouse. They are all about the altbiers, dunkels, hefeweizens, and kölsch. This specialty brewery has dedicated itself to German style craft beers. On June 10th starting at 6pm, they are taking over the taps of CB’s Tavern.  

Grimm Brothers are based in Loveland, but they have roots in Delta. Don Chapman – President/Co-Founder of Grimm Brothers – grew up in Delta, and he will be in attendance promoting his frosty creations.

Grimm Brothers will soon to be available on the Western Slope. CB’s Tavern will be the only business in Western Colorado where you can try it first. Don’t miss out on this fun opportunity. For added incentive to join us on June 10th, Grimm Brothers will give out free pint glasses to the first 24 people to purchase one of their brews.


SAVE THE DATE: Hippies for Hospice - May 14th

Calling all flower children. CB’s Tavern is proud to announce that we will be hosting the “Hippies for Hospice” fundraiser. The event will take place on May 14th, starting at 5 pm. Proceeds from the event will benefit HopeWest Hospice. Participants are encouraged to brush the dust off of their peace symbol necklaces and bell-bottom pants, and attend in their finest hippie garb. 

Starting off the evening will be local magician Ty Gallenbeck. Be prepared to have your mind blown as he showcases his table-side magic for your entertainment. Following Ty's act, Erik Stucky -- a talented local musician and mandolin extraordinaire -- will provide a fun-filled evening of folk Americana tunes.

The event will also feature an extended happy hour with a drink and food menu offering specialty items that tie (or is that tie-dye) into the theme. Palisade Brewing has kindly donated a keg of their famous Dirty Hippie dark wheat ale for the event. All proceeds from Dirty Hippie purchases during this event will go directly to HopeWest. 

Other donations are being sought for this event as well, so if you’d like to contribute please contact us at (970) 399-3292 or

As the world of beer turns...

The Independent just posted an interesting map (created by Vinepair) that depicts each country's favorite beer according to sales.

There isn't much overlap when it comes to specific beer brands for each country. However, it should be noted that many of these beers are produced by the same multinational corporations. Take, for example, Snow Beer, China's pride and joy. Snow is produced by SABMiller -- the same company that went into partnership with MillerCoors to become the second largest beer company in the world. Also, Corona, Skol, Bud Light, and several other national favorites all fall under the Anheuser-Busch InBev corporation.

According to this map, Bud Light is the most popular beer in the United States. If this map was smaller, depicting Delta, you might see Palisade's Dirty Hippie logo for our bar. What's your favorite beer at CB's?

How Main Street businesses can help themselves

Hopefully by now, you are familiar with Business Improvement District (BID) efforts in Downtown Delta. If not, please visit this website and familiarize yourself with the proposal.

CB’s Tavern is proud to support the BID initiative. When it comes time to sign the petition, you can be absolutely certain that ours will be there.  But we are just one business on Main Street, and this project needs the support of much more than that. Here are just a few reasons why we think you should support this proposal.

It empowers the business community

Money is tight for the City. With limited resources and dwindling tax revenue, the government can’t be expected to do everything for us. The BID creates an organization that is dedicated to the business community, and creates a pool of resources that directly benefits the businesses on Main Street. This pool of resources can be used for a variety of services. Right now, the following proposed services are on the table:

  • Façade improvement
  • Street-scaping
  • Promotional events that bring people downtown

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Many BIDs in places like Durango and Grand Junction have spurred significant economic development, and attracted new businesses based on the increased vitality and vibrancy of the given community.

It’s a small investment with high return

Part of the BID process will involve an assessment fee. Each business will pay a reasonable fee based on their assessed value. The smaller your business, the less you pay. In the end, this money gets pooled together for the Board of Directors elected to manage the BID. When the money is pooled together, economies of scale can be created, where the cost for events and projects is spread out across the designated downtown district. The funds also can be leveraged for grants through government agencies and foundations, which usually require some form of matching funds for any new proposals. In many cases, a nonprofit entity like this one can turn one dollar in matching funds into three additional dollars in grant funding.

We all do better when we all do better

The saying goes, “A rising tide raises all ships.” When Downtown Delta becomes a more attractive place for shopping, tourism, and other commercial activity, all businesses prosper from the added traffic. Imagine new promotional events that inspire all businesses to set up shop on Main Street as tourists duck in and out of restaurants, coffee shops, and retail stores. Imagine our town having its very own "Taste of Delta," "Main in Motion," or similiarly themed events. Imagine live music shows that draws folks from the surrounding towns, and having those folks stay for dinner or do some shopping while they are in town. These are the types of activities and events that make Delta more attractive. But to become more attractive, we will need to make certain that we inspire people to stop, rather than drive through to Grand Junction and Montrose.

Attend one of our information sessions

If you are business owner, please plan on attending one of two of our community forums that CB’s will be hosting on August 7th – the first takes place during lunch (12-1pm), and the second takes places during dinner (6-7pm). (Don’t worry – we’ll get you out in time to watch the Broncos game.) The BID Committee will present information related to this proposal and field questions from local business owners. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP by emailing For more information on the BID proposal, go to  

Let’s make Main Street in Delta the place to be once again!

Project Green Room is complete. Watch the transition!

Our banquet hall is open for business! And we have already successfully hosted our first party as well.

Thankfully, this project went much faster than our first phase of construction. Below are some pictures showing the before and after. Click on the images for a larger perspective. 

If you are interested in reserving this room for your wedding, graduation party, class reunion, etc., please call us at (970) 399-3292 or email at


Watch the transition unfold...

Tuesday's gone

We have been playing around with our schedule lately. We closed on Sundays for April, and we will soon be reopening on this day of week on May 4th. As we add a day back into our repertoire, we will take another one out. Effective May 6th, CB’s Tavern will be closed on Tuesdays. Business has been slow on this day in particular, and it is in our best interest to simply take this day off.

As many of you know Tuesday was our Community Tap Night. No need to worry – we will move this event to another day of the week. Ultimately, if we want to make a bigger impact, then we need to raise funds on a day when – you know – people are here. Keep a close watch on our schedule of events for future community happenings.

As always, we are open to feedback on this decision. However, based on our conversations with customers, closing on Tuesday doesn’t seem to be an unpopular decision. This isn’t set in stone, and we can revisit the decision at a later date. Until then, Tuesday’s gone with the wind. 

CB's is expanding

It’s official – CB’s Tavern is expanding!

Not that this is really news for our loyal patrons – who have been listening to the sound of construction going on next door – but we are setting up shop next door where the Paper Works used to be. For the last month or so, we have been doing demo work in preparation for new construction of our -- drumroll please -- new banquet hall!

As CB’s continues to become a popular destination for special events and catering, it has become very apparent that we needed more space. As the space opened up, the CB’s crew jumped on the opportunity to expand. The goal is to create a unique space for larger groups and parties that is more intimate than the main tavern, while still accommodating our other walk-in customers. Also, this additional space will be great spill-over room for higher capacity days – such as the always busy Deltarado Days. If you have been to CB’s on Deltarado Days, you know how packed we get, so it will be nice to have some wiggle room.

Here's a "before" shot. Stay tuned for the "after."

This project will not be anything remotely close to level of work needed for the original construction (knock on wood). Most of the legwork needed to get everything ready and up to code for the building happened during that initial phase. We mostly need to pretty the place up, and give it that oh so special CB’s ambiance.

Ideally, we would like to have this space available for graduation season (people are already booking in advance). So far, we are moving along at a great pace. Stay tuned for updates and sneak peeks of this new addition.


Why we obsess about microbrews

With the passing of Colorado Microbrew Week, it is important to reflect why this movement of innovative beverage producers are so important to our state. More so, it is important to put this particular industry into perspective.

It is painfully obvious that microbrews are popular not only in Colorado, but across the world. This particular market continues to grow despite the feeling that the market may be already saturated – or even inundated – with so many new breweries opening everywhere. However, despite the growth of this industry, the entire microbrew marketplace only represents 10% of total domestic beer sales.

Let the statistic sink in for a second – only 10% of total beer sales.

The other 90% of beer sales is dominated by only two entities: MillerCoors and Anheuser-Busch InBev. MillerCoors is obviously the big name behind Coors Original, Coors Light, and Miller Lite; AB InBev produces Budweiser and Bud Lite. However, under the corporate umbrella of these two large conglomerates are a whole slew of beer brands that many people don’t realize are not independent brewers. In fact, many MillerCoors and AB InBev products are confused to be “microbrews.” Beers like Blue Moon, Shock Top, and Leinenkugel’s are great examples of beers that are misconstrued to be small scale productions, when in fact they are in the deep pockets of the macrobrew industry.

Is there anything wrong with drinking these beers? Not necessarily. People are free to drink the beer (or beers) of their choice.

However, microbreweries play a significant role in shaping our economy. The economic impact of Colorado microbreweries cannot be understated. In 2012, Colorado ranked fifth in the nation for total economic impact made by microbreweries, which generated more than $1.6 billion in revenue that year. (If you consider the dollar amount on a per capita basis, we are actually numero uno. No big deal.) Colorado microbrews also employed close to 20,000 people in the same year. For comparison purposes, the microbrew workforce is comparable in size to that of cooks, elementary educators, and truckers in Colorado.

When distinguishing the local economic impact of a certain beer, it is important to do your research. Let’s take Colorado Native for example. As a product of AC Golden, a subsidiary company to MillerCoors, one might think that the local impact of this brew would be minimal. This statement couldn’t be further from the truth. Many of AC Golden’s hops providers are located on the Western Slope, including Misty Mountain Hop Farm (Olathe), Palisade Organic Hops, and Grand Mesa Hops. AC Golden also brewed a small barrel batch utilizing Olathe’s namesake and cash crop – sweet corn – in their production. You can’t get much more local than that. AC Golden gets a bum rap among the craft brewers, because of its deep pockets provided by MillerCoors, but their local impact on the Western Slope cannot be denied.

So how are we supposed to know exactly what a craft brewery is? The Brewers’ Association has a very specific definition of what constitutes a craft brewery. (Click here to read it.) There are a lot of resources out there to help identify craft beers. For example, for you iPhone users, check out the “Craft Check” application. (An Android version is coming out soon too.) Also, the following links will show you names of every beer made by the “Big Two”:

All MillerCoors products:

All AB InBev products:

Finally, if you haven't yet, you really should watch "Beer Wars." It is insightful and it will change the way you think about beer. And it's streaming on Netflix and Hulu. 

At CB’s Tavern, we harp on the importance of buying locally – and the same goes for beer. The dollars spent purchasing a beer from a Colorado microbrewery have a greater chance of being funneled back into local economies than they would if they were spent on a beer from one of two larger conglomerates. This isn’t about beer snobbery; this about supporting your local economy. Drink craft beer like your community depended on it. All we are asking is for our patrons think about where you would prefer their money to go. 

Well... that, and microbrews also just taste better. But that's our opinion. Ok... maybe there is a little snobbery. Either way... cheers!


Buy small. Buy local. Buy often.

In preparation for our Community Tap night, which provides revenue to the Downtown Revitalization Fund, we thought that it was important to stress the significance of shopping locally and supporting small businesses,

Here are some fun facts that you may or may not know about small businesses.

Small but mighty

The national media coverage of business centers on the "big names" -- Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc. However, small business owners make up an overwhelming majority in the business sector.

  • There are 28 million small businesses in the USA, which outnumbers corporations by a 1,162:1 ratio.
  • Of those 28 million small businesses, 70% of the businesses are owned and operated by one individual.
  • Small businesses employ 57% of the USA's private workforce.
  • Small businesses pay 44% of the US payroll tax.
  • If the small business work force founded its own country it would be bigger than 224 other countries. It would be roughly the same size of Iran. This imaginary country would be the 17th largest nation in the world.

Tough times for the little guys

Although small businesses are a significant force in our national economy, the life of a small business owner isn't as romantic as it may seem.

  • For every two jobs produced by a large national chain that moves into a community, three small business jobs are lost as a result.
  • Only 50% of businesses make it past five years of operation. Nearly a quarter of businesses fail within the first two years.
  • On average, a small business goes bankrupt every 8 minutes in the US.

The road to recovery starts with small businesses

Despite our nation's financial hardships, small businesses still remain the driving force behind our economic recovery. 

  • On average, 60 to 80 percent of new jobs come from small businesses.
  • Of every dollar, 65 cents spent at small business is reinvested back into its local community as compared to 34 cents spent a larger, national chain business.
  • A study conducted in Austin, TX found that an average of $100 spent at local bookstores produced $45 worth of local economic activity, and $100 at a larger chain store like Borders brought only $13.
  • Despite the recession, communities with "buy local" campaigns yielded a significant amount of growth in comparison to communities without such a campaign. In 2010, communities with a "buy local" initiative witnessed a 5.6% average increase in revenue, while communities without only increased 2.1%. 

With all of this mind, please be sure to stop in on Tuesday, January 7th from 5-7 pm. Fifty cents on every pint of beer sold goes toward Delta's efforts to support local, small businesses. 


Get Busy Media

One Local Family

US Small Business Association Office of Advocacy

Social media for beer drinkers

Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. FourSquare.

There is no shortage of social media platforms out there. It can sometimes be overwhelming. However, how many of you are familiar with social media sites dedicated specifically to beer? If you are beer enthusiast, we strongly recommend you sign up and download "Untappd." 

Untappd is a fun way to, as the website boasts, "drink socially." Beer enthusiasts can demonstrate how diverse their palates are by checking in their various beverages of choice. You also earn the power to rate the beer (on a scale of 1-5), or see how the beer ranks worldwide in real-time.

If you are an avid user, you begin to earn badges for various fun achievements. Badge categories include dedication to specific styles of beer ("I Believe in IPA", "Lager Jack," etc.), commitment to diversity (drink 10 different beers in a row and earn "Playing the Field"), or demonstrating the true meaning of "the hair of the dog that bit you" (5 brews before noon earns the "Top of the Mornin'" badge). Climb through the ranks, and make you way from "Newbie" to "Elite" based on the number of unique beers you have checked in. (Elite entails trying 2,500 different beers! Better get started.) 

Now for the shameless self-promotion.

Untappd users can also link their FourSquare accounts so that they can check in to a specific venue as well. Be sure to check in one of the many beers that CB's Tavern has to offer. Here's how...

First, you will need both an Untappd and a FourSquare account. Be sure to log in to you Untappd account and link it with your FourSquare account. Next, stop by CB's and order a drink. If you tend to stick to domestics brews (Bud, Coors, etc.), be brave and order a microbrew. (To demonstrate, we used one of recent guest handles, Isolation Ale from Odell Brewing, below.Then, pull up your Untappd account on your smart phone, and check in the beer by clicking the bottle icon in the upper right hand corner. Click "Add Location" (step 1 below). Select "CB's Tavern" (#2). Finally, click "Confirm Your Brew" (#3). And you are done.


By doing this, you help CB's put its diverse beer selection on display. This way, when travelers are passing through, it will be easy to see that our bar might be a great pit stop to try out a plethora of brew.

Whether doing so in a bar or virtually, CB's Tavern always recommends drinking responsibly. 

'Tis the season for Christmas parties

Decking the halls... CB's style.

Some of you out there in CB's fandom may not know this, but we have been known to a throw a rockin' Christmas party. We are wrapping up another successful season of holiday catering, and our customers couldn't be happier with the end result. We would like to say a special thank you to Cropworx, Friends of the Delta Libraries, Delta Middle School, Delta County Memorial Hospital, Delta Parks & Recreation, and Delta Bank for booking your holiday parties with CB's. We sincerely hope that we provided exactly what you needed to celebrate the holiday season.

For the past two winters, CB's Tavern has offered itself as a top notch option for your business' Christmas celebrations. We pride ourselves on offering a high quality experience that meets your needs. 

Do you want the venue all to yourself? Not a problem. Many of our past parties have been private, where we close down the bar just to cater to your group. This experience offers a personable touch and intimacy that many enjoy when celebrating the holidays with colleagues, friends, and families. 

Do you want to customize the menu? Sure thing. Many of you know us for our traditional -- but oh so delicious -- pub style food (burgers, wings, nachos, etc.). But we also make a great prime rib and shrimp scampi to boot! With enough planning and preparation, CB's Tavern will work diligently to provide a high class meal of your choice. Much like our other food choices, we work with local vendors to provide the best meat and produce that the Western Slope has to offer. Whether it is appetizers, the main course, or dessert, the food options are relatively limitless.

The Cropworx gang gathers together for a group photo -- just before chowing down on some delicious prime rib.

Why on Earth are you pitching your Christmas service now after the holidays? Well... to be quite honest, we are already getting reservations for next year. Based on the satisfaction of our customers and a lot of popular feedback, folks have already starting book us for 2014. Not to toot our own horn, but we seem to be doing something right if people want to make such a commitment this far in advance. There is still twelve more months before we start hosting Christmas parties again, but it never hurts to get on the ball early, right? If you so, head over to the contact page, and drop us a line.

Until then, we at CB's Tavern want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! 


Local Brews, Local Flavors: Palisade Brewing Company

We decided that it was high time that we paid tribute to some of our favorite local vendors. It only made sense that we started with one of our favorite local breweries: Palisade Brewing Company. We feature many of their products, and they have been a consistent and loyal vendor since CB's opened its doors.

At this current moment, this brewery has managed a "tap takeover" at CB's: Four out of our twelve beers on tap come from PBC. This wasn't by accident though; PBC continues to create a litany of delicious products, which has allowed them to grow in popularity not only at CB's but across the state as well. We thought we would take some time to showcase their brews for those in our audience who haven't tried them out yet.

Dirty Hippie

Many of you are already familiar with their keystone brew, the Dirty Hippie. Dirty Hippie is, hands down, our best selling microbrew at CB's, and sometimes it even beats out its macro competition (Bud, Coors, etc.) on its better selling days. Often served with an orange, Dirty Hippie is a dark wheat ale that defies the traditional wheat beer category. Combining chocolate and caramel malts to give it a dark color and smooth flavor, the recipe for Dirty Hippie may appear to be that of a traditional stout. Don't be fooled though: It's an extremely light beer that pleases the palates of beer snobs and microbrew virgins alike. Dirty Hippie is the perfect gateway beer for those hesitant to jump on the microbrew train. Plus, how can you not love the name?

Love birds

PBC's has dedicated their latest efforts into the creation of the Hula Hoppie. Considered to be the girlfriend of the Dirty Hippie, this sweet young lass is delicious pale ale with a lot of flavor. Many casual beer drinkers tend to stray away from pale ales because of the bitterness factor, but the Hula Hoppie -- despite its name -- is not overwhelmingly hoppy in comparison to most traditional pale ales. However, it is big on flavor, so be prepared to have your palette saturated. This tasty treat that will soon be available in cans, starting next week. We envision drinking many of these on the river (once it thaws out of course). One of the niftiest things about this beer is that is made with nothing but local Colorado ingredients, including its hops which come from Misty Mountains in Olathe.

Laid Back Blonde

Another light option from PBC with universal appeal is the Laid Back Blonde. Its pale malts and crystal hops are subtly concocted to create a light, fruitful tasting beer. To accent that fruit flavor, this is another beer that many choose to adorn with an orange as well. Its bright, golden coloring may give it the appearance of your traditional lager, but the Laid Back Blonde is anything but watered-down in flavor. Again, this is another great gateway beer to those who haven't plunged into the microbrew revolution quite yet. If you are normally a lager drinker, give the Laid Back Blonde a try; you might be pleasantly surprised.

PBC offers some more robust brews as well -- drinks for the experienced beer enthusiasts. One such brew, which is currently on tap at CB's and highly recommended, is the Cashed Out Porter. Cashed Out is a sturdy, dark beer that is ideal for the colder seasons. It has a smooth flavor that combines everything that makes the porter category a delicious one -- with overtures of chocolate and caramel. It's like an adult milkshake. Be careful while drinking this one though -- it has a high alcohol content that will sneak up on you after a couple.

Other once featured beers include the Off Belay IPA (a powerfully hoppy brew sporting a 65 IBU count), River Time Pale Ale (a not-as-hoppy option to the Off Belay), and High Desert Red (a smooth, malty red that always seems to be in high demand). There really hasn't been a PBC beer that we have tried that we didn't like. 

PBC has always been a great vendor for CB's since day one, so we carry a great deal of respect for their staff and overall operations. (In fact, we have been known to frequent their brew house quite often on our off days.) For those of you who are fans of CB's but haven't made the 40 minute trek to the PBC headquarters, you won't be disappointed. Much like CB's, PBC offers a laid back vibe with great pub food, live music, and cheerful staff. We are very fortunate to have such a great establishment in our own backyard.

Stop in and raise a pint to PBC. Cheers!

Putting our money where our mouth is

We haven't blogged in a while. What better way to jump start this page with the announcement of our new philanthropic ventures.


At CB's Tavern, our favorite word is "local." Everything that we do, we try to keep our business in our own backyard. We feature locally grown produce, locally butchered meat, locally brewed beers and distilled spirits, and local musicians. We have decided to take our local pride one step further. In conjunction with the Delta Area Chamber of Commerce, we will be hosting our first Community Tap Night, where 50 cents of every beer purchased goes to the Community Revitalization fund, on December 3rd from 5-7 pm. These funds will be used to help local Delta businesses and create new opportunities for development on Main Street. How often can you drink beer and support the local business community all at once?

This new venture will become a reoccurring event at CB's, so plan on seeing this event popping up in your feed again in the future. We will be hosting this event on the first and third Tuesday of every month. The goal is to feature a new organization, charity, or cause each month. We want to give back to the community that has helped us get where we are today. We recognize that our success as a business completely hinges on the health and vitality of the Delta community. If your charity or organization is interested in learning more about our Community Tap nights, feel free to contact us via email ( This could be a great way to raise money for some very worthy causes. 

Ty Gallenbeck will be performing his nationally acclaimed magic act every third Tuesday of each month.

If you need more of a reason to come out on some of these nights, we will also be featuring local magician phenom, Ty Gallenbeck, on the third Tuesday of each month. 

Stop in for a pint. Giving back to the community never tasted this sweet before. We hope to see you on December 3rd!

It is so nice to be open


Welcome to our first official post-construction/post-opening/post-chaos blog!  It is so nice to be able to provide an update that isn’t bad news.  We have been open for about 3 weeks, and many of you have already become regulars at CB’s Tavern.  First and foremost, thank you so much for your business and your support.  The response has been overwhelming, and our best advertising has been through “small town social media” (i.e. word of mouth).  If you haven’t already, tell your friends about us.

After only a few weeks, we have noticed some specific trends in our consumers’ choices.  Who would have thought that our Onion Rings would be one of the most popular food items?  The beer batter is freshly made every day, so that helps.  In fact, that is the general philosophy for ALL of our food. 

Callaways has been providing us with fresh meat at the drop of a dime, because we have definitely gone through a lot of beef lately (you carnivores, you).  Some of our other popular items: buffalo wings, Pat's pies, southwest eggrolls, and burgers (complete with Rocking W Cheese). 


We also take pride in expanding the adult beverage palates of Delta – and most of the good stuff comes from our own backyard.  Although the usual staples (Coors and Bud) are widely consumed, many of patrons have taken a fondness to Dirty Hippie (dark wheat ale from Palisade on tap), Pinstripe Ale (malty red ale from Ska on tap), Nitro Milk Stout (popular stout from Left Hand that requires an aggressive pour), and Laughing Lab (Scottish ale from Bristol in the bottle).  Also, we feature a wide selection of local flavors in our spirits –Stranahan’sColorado Gold, and Peach Street Distillery just to name a few. Garret Estates (out of Olathe) and Hardins (Hotchkiss) round out our growing wine selection (stay tuned for more wine options).

One big item that we want to make certain that everybody knows about is our official grand opening.  So… put this date in your calendar. 

I’ll wait for you to get a pen.

Ready?  Ok. 

Our official Grand Opening will take place on Friday, June 29tat 4:00 pm.

Join us for the festivities, complete with ribbon cutting and some fun surprises.


We are in the process of setting up a consistent schedule of happenings for the future as well.  Here’s what we have so far…

  • Happy Hour is 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm (Monday-Friday)
  • Ladies’ Night is 6:00 pm – closing (Monday)

On deck, we have Pool League night on Wednesdays (still in the works) and Monday Night Football Bingo (once football season starts…duh).

Also, we will have specials for specific holidays and whatnot.

For example, we ran a 15% discount of all Father’s Day tickets as a salute to all the good dads out there.

We will keep you posted on these events as they come.

Speaking of keeping you posted, CB’s Tavern is everywhere on the interwebs.

Make certain that you are dialed in on all of our media avenues…

We post regularly through these sites, so this is a helpful way to keep informed.

Or… you could just do it the old fashioned way: come on down and see for yourself!

That’s it for now.  Until then, we look forward to pouring you a cold one.  Cheers!


One year ago...

Looking over some of the old blog posts, I noticed that our very first update was posted on April 30, 2011 -- nearly one year ago.  And what a year it has been.  We should have named this blog "Blood, Sweat, and Beers" after everything that we have been through.  But everything has finally come to fruition, and we couldn't be more excited. 

The manual labor portion of our work is dwindling to a smaller and smaller list of tasks.  Pretty soon, we will have to shift gears and focus on operations.  This means hiring future CB's employees.  If you are interested in working for us, stop by and pick up an application.  We are going to begin hiring very soon, because we are *insert celebratory music here* opening soon!  Everybody can expect an opening day in May.

Yes, this blog has been the "boy who has cried wolf" several times.  But I swear -- this time it is for real!  Our biggest albatross around our neck has been that darn fire sprinkler system, and it is in its final stages of completion.  We are down to the nitty gritty work -- installing fixtures, trim, appliances, etc..  This is the type of work that moves at a much faster pace than crap tasks (like drywalling), so we should speed through them quickly.  Also, we purchased all of our kegging equipment (hoses, regulators, taps, shanks, etc.), and we will soon be installing our twelve tap system.  That's right.  TWELVE!  We will be the ONLY bar in Delta to offer a diverse palate of beer styles from Grimm Brothers, Ska, Palisade, Revolution, Oskar Blues, and other craft breweries. 

That's it for now, folks.  Keep your ears close to the ground, because our opening day is just around the corner.  This is what you have been waiting for all year!

No luck of the Irish for St. Patty's

Every time that we post a blog, it feels like we are preparing to tell you of another delay.  Well, this blog is no different than the rest.  It is safe to say, sadly, that we are not going to be open by St. Patty’s Day.  We are so close, but yet so far. 

As a courtesy to all of our fans and for those who are excited about this project, we should be really honest about the issues we are currently facing and explain why we keep postponing the opening date.  For the past six months, we have been in a tug of war with the state fire inspector.  We have had not one, but two plans approved by the Department of Public Safety to only be later revoked by no fault of our own.  We have made certain that everything is on the up and up.  We have been consistently jumping through one bureaucratic hoop after another.  However, each time we think that we are in the clear, another issue gets dropped in front of us.  We will spare you the details (mostly because it makes us want to drink away the frustrations), but these issues will be resolved very soon.  After this mess is truly finished, we will be publishing a blog with the specifics of the situation.  However, at this time we want to protect all of whom are involved in the project and have stuck their neck out to fight for what is truly right and safest for not only the bar patrons, but the residents upstairs.  We can truly see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Minus the frustrations with the state inspector, everybody who we have worked with locally has been phenomenal.  We’ve had some great people in our corner who have been very supportive.  City Planner Dan Reardon and architect Tom Chamberlain have really gone to bat for us when it comes to the issues we have endured.  Our contractor, Bill Jensen, knows our building inside and out; he’s done a tremendous job at turning our vision into something substantial during the construction process and dealing gracefully with every “oddball” request we have thrown at him.  (One of Bill’s most used phrases is “We’ll just have to get creative.”)  The list goes on and on with the people who we are truly thankful for making this project a reality.

  The bar top with one coat of resin.  Let it shine!

The bar top with one coat of resin.  Let it shine!

Speaking of construction, a few more updates.  We have a bar top!  Our custom bottle cap bar top is assembled.  The last coat of epoxy resin has been poured tonight, making this one-of-a-kind beauty look like a pristine piece of glass.  As smooth as it is, we’ll be ready to slide a cold one down to you at the end of the bar.  Once the final coat sets, we will be sure to post the final pictures.  

  If you didn't know what a growler is, now you know.

If you didn't know what a growler is, now you know.


Also, our lighting is in.  Here’s another unique “CB’s only” commodity.  We have gathered a number of growlers from Colorado breweries (Ouray, Golden City, Glenwood Canyon, etc.), and have turned them into pendant lights.  Courtesy of All Glass Station and Dianna’s Lighting & Design, these bad boys have turned out awesome.

We have finally pulled all of our big permits, so now we can finish sheet rocking all the walls.  We started in the kitchen, so that we could get the hood vent installed.  We then enlisted an entire crew of friends to help finish the rest of the walls, which helped us make a lot of progress in a very short amount of time.  Thanks to Floyd, Coops, Cathy, Weylin, Jessica, Scott, Cooley, Chad, Joey, and Hailey for your dry walling skills.  We can say with certainty that if for any reason the bar business falls through, we have an arsenal of friends and family that could make one hell of a handyman service.  (We’ll just call that “Plan B” for now.)

  After a long night of working...

After a long night of working...

Finally, we have been busy with the fun part of the bar lately: the booze.  As a great sacrifice to our future customers, we have been sampling as many beers as possible.  It’s a tough job, but somebody has got to do it.  (By the way, if you haven’t tried the new New Belgium seasonal, Dig, yet, you really should; it’s awesome.)  Keep in mind that our vision for this bar was to focus on Colorado products.  With that in mind, you can expect a variety of craft beers from Avery, Ska, Palisade, New Belgium and Revolution Brewing.  Of course, we will have the standards on tap (Coors Light, Bud Light, Blue Moon, etc.), but we will be the only place in Delta to offer a variety of craft brews and really favor the more sophisticated tastes that Colorado has to offer.  Next stop: wine.

So, until next time, we will be plugging away.  Hang in there folks; CB’s Tavern will be worth the wait.  Look for us towards the end of March to be hiring.  We not only want to serve local products, but we want to employ local barkeeps, cooks, and servers!

Why we needed bottle caps...


Not too long ago you may remember a call to arms posted on Facebook, demanding that our fellow drinkers save their highly coveted bottle caps.  Turns out that we have a lot of friends who like to drink.  Who would have guessed?  As a result, we now have a glut of really bad ass caps from a wide variety of beers.  Life is too short to drink bad beer, and we're proud that our friends agree.  Now, the great reveal of what we have been working on, just to prove all that drinking was not done in vain.  (Yeah... I laughed at the thought of drinking done in vain too.)

Basically, this is a tale of stealing other people's ideas and making it our own.  We discovered a bike store in Palisade that converted some old doors to make a counter top.  We decided to steal this idea for the bar top, so we found some old school doors from Habitat for Humanity for this project.  However, after seeing a picture on Kegworks of a guy who used bottle caps as back splash for his man cave bar, the light bulb over our collective heads lit up: Why not cover these bar tops with a bunch of caps of the beer that we enjoy so much?  Essentially, we treated these caps like tile -- put down thin set, place the caps down in some coherent order, and then grout the bad boys in place.  We'll then shellac the whole thing so that we have a smooth surface to slide a cold one down to you at the end of the bar.


So a special thank you goes out to Garrison, Devin, Mark, Fred, Trish, and everybody who came over for New Year's -- your handiwork will be on permanent display at CB's Tavern.  Cheers.

In other news, we are really rockin' and rollin' lately.  We have completed one phase of framing.  Currently, the space for the kitchen, bathrooms, and storage have been finalized.  Plumbing and electrical are going in now.  And once that is finished, it's back to drywalling, mudding, and painting.  Also, all of the HVAC venting is being installed, including a snazzy commercial hood vent for the kitchen.  It is actually starting to look like a bar now... and it's about damn time.

Pretty soon, we can turn our attention to the most exciting space -- the actual bar.  After some careful searching, we found a steal of a deal for a walk-in cooler near Fort Collins on Craigslist.  After a fun-filled road trip to pick up this sucker -- which included staying at one of the shadiest of hotels in Denver (note to self... avoid the Budget Host Inn from now on) -- we now have our keg cooling system secured.  Rather than running beer lines all over place and worry keeping them cooled and unkinked, we are going to run the taps directly through the wall of the cooler.  A rather large order to Kegworks is in our near future.  We're talking multiple 5 tap regulators, Euro and domestic couplers, shanks, tanks, and a butt load of hose.  Basically, we are building one gi-normous kegerator, capable of handling up to 10 beers on taps.  I'm getting thirsty just thinking about it.

That's about it for now.  As always, we're making progress.  We'll try to keep everybody posted on the grand opening because we expect all of you to be there.


Holy delayed opening, Batman!

Remember when there was supposed to be a new tavern that was going to open on Main Street?  Man, that seems like a long time ago.  I wonder what’s going on with that project.

I’ll tell you what’s going on!  CB’s Tavern is on the move again.  It is official – the building permits are posted and it’s time for a little Rock ‘n Roll.  Rather than sleigh bells, you’ll hear the sound of power tools at 334 Main Street during this holiday season.

Since we last updated the blog-o-sphere, we were busy making some renovations.  First, we scrapped the idea of refinishing the existing hardwood floors, because we would have to remove layers of linoleum that were installed during the Cretaceous Period (there were fossils in the tar paper).  The labor involved would have meant some extra sessions at the Cooper Family Chiropractors.  Instead, we purchased 2,000+ square feet of laminate flooring that looks nice and is durable.  The majority of the front area has been completed, sans the bar and walk-in cooler.

Also, we’ve got the ceiling looking spiffy.  We kept the original ceiling tile, because 1) it was in good shape and 2) it had the retro look we wanted.  However, the stark white coloring made us feel like we were about to be institutionalized.  (Actually, some times we have felt crazy for taking on this project, so that may be the place for us.)  The ceilings are now a stunning bronze that compliments the red brick wall and dark oak floors. 

So now the fun part FINALLY begins.  We have conquered a mountain of red tape, secured financing, and have laid the foundation for a *hopeful* opening in February.  We are asking all future patrons to knock on every visible piece of wood, cross your fingers/toes/eyes/legs/etc., and pray to whomever you consider to be your higher power that things go smoothly during construction.  We will try to keep you all updated with photos.

May your holidays be filled with family, friends, and beer!

Patience makes the heart grow fonder... and thirstier

"Patience and fortitude can conquer all things." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ol' Ralphie probably wasn't building a bar when he uttered those words.  But in the grand scheme of things, he is right.  After starting into this project, there wasn't much of a light at the end of the tunnel.  However, bit by bit, we have made some tremendous progress.


For starters, the walls are finito!  They have been de-plastered, grinded, re-mortared, and sealed.  And they look spectacular!  In all honesty, I am not certain if these century old walls have looked much better.  Here's a fun fact for you CB's followers: When you have four grinders going at the exact same time, you can create a mini-haboob with pretty limited visibility.  (If you are unfamiliar with the what a "haboob" is, I promise that I am not trying to be obscene.  It is definitely one of my new favorite words.)  These walls bring in quite a bit of character to the space already. 

Our subfloor looks like Charlie Brown's t-shirt, right?

Now that the walls are complete, we have turned our attention to the ceiling and floors.  The old ceiling tiles are in good shape, so they are going to stay.  They need to be cleaned and painted.  Also, so that we can bring everything up to code for fire safety, we are in the midst of getting quotes on sprinkler systems.  The ceilings actually produce a whole litany of "to do" items, such as speakers, lighting, etc.  (We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.)  As for the floors, we might need a professional paleontologist to peal back all of the layers.  We have carpet on top of linoleum on top of tar paper on top of tongue and groove hard wood.  So far, all of the carpet is pulled up, and we are waiting on the linoleum so that we don't have to tape off the floor when we paint the ceiling.  The tar paper has seemed to preserve the hard wood floors well, so hopefully not much work is needed to restore this gem.  I repeat: hopefully.  And on a side note:  In the great history of Western Civilization, who the hell ever thought that linoleum looked good?  I've seen more attractive patterns on Bill Cosby's sweaters.  I can't wait to get rid of this stuff.

Understandably, the goal to open by Deltarado Days was not achieved, and that is okay.  You can't rush a good thing.  Construction is in a holding pattern until we get everything up to code.  Once we pull that final permit when zoning is complete, watch out!  We'll be able to move much more quickly.  So hang in there folks, because this will be worth the wait.  That first beer from CB's is going to taste ever so delicious when all is said and done.  Until then, we'll just keep plugging away.

Carrie seems deep in thought.