CB's Tavern is a one-of-a-kind bar and restaurant in Delta, Colorado.  CB's prides itself on its commitment to all things local: fresh produce, locally butchered meats, and craft-brewed beers, wines, and spirits.  As our tagline indicates, we aspire to provide local brews and local flavors.

The Story of CB's Tavern

Rewind to New Year's Eve in 2011.  A group of friends gathered to bring in the New Year in what would be the final night in one Delta's few bars on Main Street.  In a moment of enlightened thinking, somebody chimed in with the bright idea, "Hey, we should start our own bar."  Who would have thought that this half-brained idea would come to fruition?  We began the seemingly endless task of gutting, re-purposing, and renovating a historical building to create something innovative for Delta, Colorado.  The journey was not easy (as our blog will aptly demonstrate).  Regardless, we are proud to be a unique destination on Main Street, providing a laid-back and non-intimidating atmosphere that caters to a wide spectrum of patrons.  

Stop in.  Belly up to the bar.  Grab a drink.  Order some food.  Stay awhile.  Cheers!